That’s a Strike! Who and what is the CSS Strike Team

Header_CSS_Beagle_plainWCSS Video 1.14hy you want a CSS Strike Team nearby

With military-based training and extensive intelligence from our investigations department, our Strike Team make their way through our lovely suburbs concentrating efforts on the weak spots identified.  They venture into danger zones and hideouts and rely on real-time information from the community and ‘spotters’.

The CSS Tactical Strike Teams are area-bound, which means they work toward an area solution within the boundaries of a specific area. They have proven to assist in crime prevention and a reduction in levels of crime.

So what do they do?

  • Investigate suspicious behaviour
  • Community Policing
  • Protect public spaces
  • Deter/detain criminals
  • Soft questioning of suspicious people
  • Special operations in targeted areas
  • Provide tactical officers with back-up if necessary

How do they do this?

The Strike Teams are made up of different members, who are rotated between the teams on a regular basis. This means that the teams are always alert and don’t become complacent. They are able to share their knowledge of other areas with the different teams thereby expanding area knowledge. Each member of the team brings their own skills set and level of expertise which strengthens their ability as a unit to detect, deter or detain crime.

Strike Teams are there to help with any crime related incidents. They act as a potent reactive resource, trained and equipped to deal with major incidents in difficult circumstances.

Being invisible to the criminal eye, using forceful strategies and being quick to react is exactly what the strike team are professionals at.